Argo, Inc. Featured in Wholesale & Distribution International

Tony Donofrio, principal and head of Argo’s Supply Chain Practice, and Stephen Francis, a senior Consultant, co-author a column on Reducing Supply Chain Complexity.


Argo, Inc. Featured in the Jacksonville Business Journal

Sr. VP of Operations, James Mourafetis, discusses CSX and the future of railroads in the Jacksonville Business Journal. CSX is making the right moves for efficient operations.


Argo, Inc. Featured in BNSF Topeka Windmill 

Argo was once again featured in Topeka Windmill, BNSF’s newsletter. The feature highlights Argo’s work with 5S and helping make Topeka a model shop for overhauls. Superintendent James Stenger said, “Argo specializes in facilitating transition for process and project simplification. They are helping us form a foundation in order to standardize our processes. This makes it easy to identify and reduce potential risk. This is important because of our focus on the safety of our apprentices, co-workers, and ourselves.”


Argo, Inc. Publishes White Paper “A Critical Factor in Sustaining Operational Improvements”

The behavioral component of change management is a critical factor in creating a culture of performance excellence. Learn the key benefits of Performance & Development and how you can achieve a minimum fourfold ROI on an annualized basis by downloading our white paper, “A critical factor in sustaining operational improvements.”


Argo, Inc. Featured in BNSF Topeka Windmill 

Argo was once again featured in the Topeka Windmill “A place for everything on 36 line.” With Argo’s help, takt time attainment increased 31% from March 2014 to February.


Argo, Inc. Publishes White Paper “Using P&D to Sustain Performance Improvements”

Manufacturers seeking to create a culture of continuous improvement should implement change management efforts that combine tactical and behavioral elements. Read our latest white paper, co-authored by David Bilby, Senior Vice President and Stephen Francis, Senior Consultant, entitled “Using P&D to Sustain Performance Improvements.”


Argo, Inc. Latest White Paper “Upstream Optimization: How Continuous Improvement Methods are Having a Positive Impact on Production Reliability and Driving Down Cost” is Featured in OPEX Resource Centre

Continuous improvement can help energy companies temper the effects of market downturns and position them to perform even better in favorable markets. Read our new white paper, “Upstream Optimization: How continuous improvement methods are having a positive impact on production reliability and driving down cost”, to learn about the experience of four energy industry companies who show how continuous improvement techniques can produce measurable benefits, including improved on-time work order completion, cost savings, increased productivity, inventory reduction, and improved process effectiveness.


Argo, Inc. Featured in BNSF Topeka Windmill 

Argo has been helping BNSF at their heavy repair locomotive facility in Topeka, KS implement an accountability and visual factory system. In the short time Argo has been at this facility, substantial improvements have been made. Recently, Argo was featured in the Topeka Windmill “Changes Around the Shop”, credited with helping increase production, enhance efficiency, and improve communication on the shop floor.


Argo, Inc. Publishes White Paper “Value Engineering’s Systemic Approach Provides Unique Insight into Manufactured Product Cost Savings”

By examining products as systems of components and identifying how those components interact to create value, value engineering allows manufacturers to redesign products to reduce cost – an opportunity that might be missed in cost-reduction exercises focusing only on individual components in isolation.. Read our white paper Value Engineering’s Systemic Approach Provides Unique Insight into Manufactured Product Cost Savings authored by Carlos Gontijo, Director, and Denis Messmer, Director, to learn how to understand a product’s value, how to increase that value, and the benefits of a systemic view.


Argo, Inc. Authors Article in Uptime Magazine

James Mourafetis, Senior Vice President and Uday Kumat, Vice President, authored an article entitled “Using Effective EAM to Improve Asset Utilization & Reduce Costs” that was featured in the February/March 2015 issue of Uptime Magazine.  Learn the four steps to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) success and benefits delivered.


Argo, Inc. is Speaking at the 2015 Maximo Rail Industry Summit

James Mourafetis, Senior Vice President and Rail Practice Lead, and John Murphy, Chief Mechanical Officer Strategy at CSX, are speaking at the 5th annual Maximo Rail Industry Summit on Saturday, February 21, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.  Their presentation is entitled “Maximizing Value through Maximo and Industrial Engineering”.  This is their third year sharing the platform at the event.

The Summit brings together representatives of international railroad and railway organizations who share the common goal of using Maximo to achieve optimal operational and maintenance practices.  The Summit provides an opportunity for rail industry experts to exchange knowledge, discuss common business interests and issues, and build relationships.

For more information, contact James at


Argo, Inc. Expands Operations in Western Canada

W. Scott Timpson manages demand for operational improvements across sectors

CALGARY, Canada, December 17, 2014 – Argo, Inc., a global consulting firm regarded as an authority on operational and financial performance, is pleased to announce its expansion into Calgary, Alberta, and the opening of a new office.

CEO Fernando Assens cited increased demand for Argo’s services in Western Canada: “After several years of having large teams of consultants in the Calgary area, we have taken the logical step of opening an office and establishing a management presence to better support our clients in the region.”

Since its founding in 1998, Argo has been selected as the partner-of-choice for leading global companies from the mining, energy, oil and gas, transportation, rail, chemicals and manufacturing sectors. Argo is a consulting company that doesn’t hire “consultants” per se but utilizes highly experienced practitioners to not only implement improvements, but also to embed capabilities within the cultural fabric of organizations.

“The Western Canadian economy has always been pivotal to our national economy, and the impact of crude prices sliding lower than expected by the oil sands is significant to the entire country”, said W. Scott Timpson, president of Argo Inc. — Canada. “The organizations that invested in operational excellence during the good times will likely fare better.”


Argo, Inc. Publishes White Paper ‘Improve Asset Utilization and Reduce Costs Through Better Enterprise Asset Management”

For businesses reliant on heavy assets, an effective enterprise asset management program focused on people and operational improvement can significantly improve asset utilization rates while reducing long-term capital costs.  In our experience the greatest asset utilization improvements come from changes at the shop level and the involvement of the employees working there. Read our white paper Improve Asset Utilization and Reduce Costs Through Better Enterprise Asset Management to learn the four steps of EAM implementation and how to realize the benefits of an effective EAM initiative authored by James Mourafetis, Senior Vice President and Railroad and Public Transportation Practice lead, and Uday Kamat, Vice President.


Argo, Inc. Publishes White Paper ‘The Hidden Value of Operational Due Diligence”

Read our new paper The Hidden Value of Operational Due Diligence authored by Argo’s CEO, Fernando Assens.  According to estimates, operations now accounts for around half of all value creation.  PE firms typically focus on high-profile due diligence areas – in part because they often lack in-depth knowledge of operations. Learn the three areas of operational due diligence we believe hold the greatest potential to improve performance and generate significant amounts of value.


Argo, Inc. Named One of the ‘Best Small Firms to Work For, Consulting Magazine

Employees give operations management firm high marks for positive impact on clients

CHICAGO, October 14, 2014 – Argo Inc. announces it has been named one of “The 2014 Best Small Firms to Work For” by Consulting Magazine three years in a row, making the Top 10 list of companies rated highly by employees for positive impact on clients, career development and interesting assignments.

Argo works with midsized and large companies in the transportation, oil and gas, chemicals and manufacturing sectors to improve operations, enterprise asset management and profitability. It also advises private equity firms on improving their portfolio companies’ operational performance.


Argo, Inc. Authors Article in IndustryWeek 

Ed Baddour, President US and David Bilby, Senior Vice President, authored an article entitled “Supply Chain Cost Reduction through Improved Asset Utilization” that was featured in the IndustryWeek April 2014.


Argo, Inc. Authors Article in E&P Magazine

Jorge Mastellari, Senior Vice President and Vish Iyer, Director, authored an article entitled “Increasing Capacity and Improving Safety” that was featured in the March 2014 issue of E&P Magazine.


Argo, Inc. Authors Article in Progressive Railroading

Scott Timpson, President and David Bilby, Senior Vice President, co-authored an article with Canadian Pacific Rail Managing Director of Continuous Improvement, Jeff Adams, entitled “A culture of excellence: Translating from safety to operations” that was featured in the February 2013 issue of Progressive Railroading Magazine.


Argo, Inc. Ranked in Top Ten by “Consulting Magazine”

The September 2012 issue of Consulting Magazine reports Argo, Inc. as one of the “Top Ten Best Consulting Firms to Work For” in the “Small Firm – Operations” category.



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