Everyday, CEOs search the world looking for stellar products and services, make changes to their operations, and even redesign their underlying business model.  We find that many aim beyond operational improvement to address innovation throughout the enterprise.  Using Lean Six Sigma, they produce breakthrough innovations that have profound impacts on their business performance.  Lean Six Sigma focuses on creating this culture to transform and innovate, continuously improving upon its previous successes.  In today’s competitive and innovative marketplace, continuous improvement is not just a buzzword – it is a way of life.

Argo applies a holistic transformation approach by combining and enhancing some of the world’s best manufacturing tools and philosophies such as Lean, Six Sigma, VA/VE, and the Theory of Constraints.  Argo understands how operations support business strategy.

Our approach helps clients focus operations for better alignment with strategy achieving sustainable results by:

  • Improving and standardizing methods to create repeatable and measureable processes
  • Improving overall labor performance while increasing retention.
  • Optimizing asset utilization to insure that they produce promised benefits.
  • Sustaining cultural and performance transformation through proprietary Accountability System
  • Using training and follow-up techniques to insure that desired behaviors such as safety and environmental work practices become ingrained in organizational culture.

Our global team of consultants has a depth of technical manufacturing expertise and a proven track record of leading and implementing successful transformations. Our people bring a wide range of professional experience from some of the most operationally excellent companies in the world.

We diagnose areas of waste, variability, and inefficiency in the operating system and then redesign, and implement, not just the new production system, but also the management structure that improves the bottom line and ensures accountability and sustainability. By working hand-in-hand with our client’s employees, we ensure the buy-in from the senior leadership team all the way down to the front line employee, leaving behind a new culture, new mindsets and new behaviors.

We look deeply and broadly, not just at operational processes, but also into all functions and dynamics to leverage opportunities for improvement, including R&D, Marketing & Sales, supplier influences, inventory, setup reduction, standard work, back office and interfaces between departments. 

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Argo, Inc is a global operations consulting company dedicated to implementing lasting performance improvements with offices in Chicago (US), Germany and Canada and an active presence in more than 20 countries. Specialties include: Lean Transformation, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Revenue Enhancement, Product & Process Innovation, Sales Effectiveness, Value Pricing, Supply Chain, Strategic Procurement, Network Optimization, Transportation & Logistics, Working Capital, VA/VE, Pre/Post Merger Integration, Training.