A major mistake made by business around the world is attempting to cut costs by arbitrary removal of capital or resources without first understanding the current opportunities that exist in their processes. This type of approach yields results including poor product and service quality, rework, higher overall costs, bad employee moral, and, sometimes, unrecoverable customer dissatisfaction.

Argo’s analysis approach has been proven over time in hundreds of businesses around the world. Our process begins with a collection of specific data followed by a customized interviewing process with all levels of leadership and employees. Depending on your business size and objectives, the analysis phase could be a one-day rapid analysis to a comprehensive 2-4 week deep-dive analysis.

The business analysis deliverable is a formal report detailing all the data and interviews in a storybook format that will list findings, opportunities for improvement, implementation roadmap, and a return on investment snapshot. The savings we create with your team always absorbs Argo’s costs. Our typical engagement will result in a 2:1 ROI and in some cases we have generated a 10:1 ROI for our services.

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