Today’s competitive, global economic structure has led to drastic changes in the marketplace.  Manufacturing and service organizations that once specialized in a specific supply chain or product line, are now able – and sometimes forced – to compete across verticals in order to maintain, or increase, revenue and profitability.

This desire for diversification and need for flexibility keep businesses growing & changing.  Many organizations choose to grow strategically through mergers and acquisitions that, when properly performed, can enable the resulting company to reap dramatic rewards from their expanded portfolio of products and services.   To be successful, and to minimize risk during and after the transaction, performing an accurate and thorough analysis of markets and portfolios is necessary.  This is an area where Argo, Inc. can be of benefit to clients during the M&A process.


Perhaps the most important phase of the merger process is the operational due diligence.  It’s not only important to understand the ins-and-outs of the company you are looking to purchase, but also your own internal strengths and weaknesses, and how they will factor in to the integration.

Argo’s due diligence analysis is simple in approach but complex in content. We can perform a “deep-dive” into every aspect of the involved companies, both the buyer(s) and seller(s).  We work very closely with finance, legal, unions, employees, managers, supervisors, and staff management, to understand every aspect of the business and to develop a comprehensive look, in presentation format, at what makes each company tick.

Secondly, we provide a comprehensive overlay of how the two companies will look together, and also create a roadmap, with detailed instructions, for maximizing operational performance and synergies during and after the transaction.  All of this gives our clients the ability to measure success moving forward with the merger.


Argo’s experienced team of experts will integrate into your team during the implementation phase of the merger.  We will coach, guide, direct, and mentor, while the activities in the comprehensive roadmap are being performed.

We also specialize in interim executive management.  Should you decide it is advantageous to both the companies during the merger phase, we can provide you with the executive management team members that are necessary to make sure the process stays on track and all deliverables are met.  Of course, as with all our interim management engagements, our ultimate goal is to help scout, hire, train, and coach the eventual full-time management team, before we depart.

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