Defined as the combination of all employees’ experiences, backgrounds, upbringings, education, and surroundings, culture plays a key role in the success of any business. Often never thought of or understood by most operational improvement companies, Argo Inc. works diligently to not only change processes and work habits but also to effectively change the overall culture of a company. It does not happen overnight and it often comes with great pains, depending on how deeply imbedded the underlying cultural issues are.

Culture change is a result! It is a result of dedication by all employees to openly embrace each other’s ideas and play on an equal field. This is a direct result of Argo’s approach. The energy and excitement we create in your business will generate cultural opportunities very few businesses ever experience. This result will not be realized without commitment; starting at the very highest level of management down to the grass roots of the company. Many companies already have existing cultures developed over the years and some of the newer companies of the world started out with first a culture in mind before ever hitting the ground.  Regardless of where you fall in the culture scale this we can assure you, if you want it bad enough, we can help you develop, implement, nurture and create culture that will drive success now and for years to come. Let Argo be your change agent!

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Argo, Inc is a global operations consulting company dedicated to implementing lasting performance improvements with offices in Chicago (US), Germany and Canada and an active presence in more than 20 countries. Specialties include: Lean Transformation, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Revenue Enhancement, Product & Process Innovation, Sales Effectiveness, Value Pricing, Supply Chain, Strategic Procurement, Network Optimization, Transportation & Logistics, Working Capital, VA/VE, Pre/Post Merger Integration, Training.