If it were easy everybody would do it, but things don’t always work out the way you plan. That’s why we implement a very detailed group of tools specifically designed to help teams stay on track after implementation.  Sustainment is the ability to “keep things going” in the newly designed processes. First, and most important, is that the folks working in the new process have clearly defined standardized work and metrics and have the ability to measure their progress throughout their work day. There is nothing worse than an employee who doesn’t know if they are doing a good job while they are performing job functions.

Supervisors and managers will also have specific tasks and standards to follow to maintain their roll as a “support person.” As part of the leadership team’s standard work, they will have very specific audits to perform throughout the workday that will validate the standard work set forth in the implementation phase of the changed process. These audits serve as a check and balance to maintain the set-forth changes. Deviation from the standards can be dealt with using the company’s disciplinary action plans.

Data is the key to successfully managing change, and we strive to find those metrics that will not only drive an understanding of the business performance but will also help identify opportunities for improvement moving forward.  Change will become a welcome and normal part of everyday life. 

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