Unnecessary costs seep into your product for many reasons; lack of ideas or solutions, lack of information on exactly what function needs to be performed, temporary circumstances, honest wrong beliefs that cause decisions to be made on beliefs instead of facts, and habits and attitudes.  The design phase of the VA/VE process is where the problem-solving system of Value Engineering determines the essential functions of products and services at the lowest cost without sacrificing quality or delivery requirements. 

Over the last fifteen years we have developed a modular VA/VE approach by combining and customizing VA/VE tools and philosophies and integrating our knowledge of Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints to meet customer needs.  Argo understands how VA/VE can support product development.

Our approach helps clients focus on valuing product for better alignment with business strategy achieving sustainable results by:

  • Using focused competitive benchmarking and customer surveys to determine detailed understanding of value proposition and benefit.
  • Improving design focus on the product’s required functions
  • Reducing cost of assembly and repair
  • Simplifying product design needs and characteristics to ease procurement and manufacturability


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