Since Argo’s inception our mission has been the hands-on implementation of operational excellence. Our consultants make the difference. Most of them have 20+ years of industry experience and a track record of business transformation. Our industry knowledge, functional expertise and unique results-oriented methodology are the keys to our success. We deliver results – not reports. If the situation demands it, we are very comfortable tying part of our fees to our client’s results.

Our deep industry experience means our clients don’t have to teach us their business before we can have an impact.  Coupling this with our functional expertise and mastery in performance improvement means we get results. Fast.

To reach its full potential, a business has to achieve top performance across all areas. The improvement levers come in many forms: revenue enhancement, process innovation, network optimization, supply chain effectiveness, manufacturing and service operation efficiency, complexity reduction and lean six sigma to name a few. Importantly, we find that flawless execution of targeted performance improvement initiatives linked to strategy is key to making a measurable difference.

Our execution approach is tailored to the unique situation. Some projects call for a straight cost reduction approach, perhaps consolidating businesses or improving functional area performance. In other cases, the focus is on a “buy and build” strategy where we work together with the portfolio company management team and the equity owners to identify and value targets and, post-acquisition, quickly integrate them into the group. In yet other situations, the focus is on growth, where our approach to product innovation, value pricing and sales force effectiveness is the game-changer.

The starting point of our operational improvement is our First 100 Days analysis. Through this, each workstream has clear goals, clear accountabilities and well-defined operational and financial metrics. We then work hand-in-hand in joint client-consultant teams, applying the right levers, people and tools for each unique situation to deliver tangible value.

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Argo, Inc is a global operations consulting company dedicated to implementing lasting performance improvements with offices in Chicago (US), Germany and Canada and an active presence in more than 20 countries. Specialties include: Lean Transformation, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Revenue Enhancement, Product & Process Innovation, Sales Effectiveness, Value Pricing, Supply Chain, Strategic Procurement, Network Optimization, Transportation & Logistics, Working Capital, VA/VE, Pre/Post Merger Integration, Training.