It is not uncommon while transforming a company to have a key manager leave when they are most needed. There is no situation more critical than a business in transition without solid, proven leadership. We have a deep bench of senior professionals who have served in many leadership positions in industry that can help you avoid the pressure of a crisis from turnover.

At a moment’s notice, our consultants are able to assume management roles within our client companies. We are experienced at setting priorities and putting improvements in place while improving morale and transforming the work culture, while of course, maintaining the day-to-day business.

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Argo, Inc is a global operations consulting company dedicated to implementing lasting performance improvements with offices in Chicago (US), Germany and Canada and an active presence in more than 20 countries. Specialties include: Lean Transformation, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Revenue Enhancement, Product & Process Innovation, Sales Effectiveness, Value Pricing, Supply Chain, Strategic Procurement, Network Optimization, Transportation & Logistics, Working Capital, VA/VE, Pre/Post Merger Integration, Training.